Ship Of Ara

Who says that fictions only
and false hair
can become a verse?

George Herbert

Music Exchange

LP 6023

This album was recorded by Ship of Ara.

Groucho Kangaroo:
vocals, acoustic guitar, electric slide guitar, darabuka

Stefan Schlensag:
vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, banjo, accordion, harmonica

Love to our friends


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If you are looking for downloadable shots and a press-info go to The Press (2:51).

The barn-sessions:

These shots were taken in 2008 by Markus Urban in a barn that had been converted into a studio. The Aras enjoyed the atmosphere with its mixture of modern and old; wood and art. Many thanks to Christian Stellmach for use of the location and to Steffi Reinke, the artist of the background paintings.

Aras in the Studio

Shots were taken by Oldrik Scholz and Groucho at Wildwood studios, Düsseldorf.

Wildwood is one of the greatest places to record, hang out, meet people and have the best coffee in Düsseldorf.