Ship Of Ara

Music begin to follow me then. I been trying to stop playing, thinking ‘bout preparing my soul for Jesus… Just look like I can’t put music down.

Time I get hold of one guitar and I maybe sell it to somebody, well music just come back to me and worry me so, I just have to go back and buy me another guitar…

Robert Pete Williams

Music Exchange

LP 6023

This album was recorded by Ship of Ara.

Groucho Kangaroo:
vocals, acoustic guitar, electric slide guitar, darabuka

Stefan Schlensag:
vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, banjo, accordion, harmonica

Love to our friends


History of the Aras, Part 1.

Stefan Schlensag:

Born and bred in the Valley of the Ruhr. Founding member of the garage-band “The Hipsters”.

“The Hipsters” put out four records working for different labels including Glitterhouse and SPV. They were well-known throughout the country for their furious stage performance. The group disbanded after 10 years, having played about 500 live shows. After the band’s break-up Stefan began to explore his interest in folk and blues, first with “The Better Day Organization” and later with the short-lived “monochord”. “The Better Day Organization” recorded a 10’ entitled “Nantucket” for Roland Heinrich’s label “Wonderlamp”.

Stefan Schlensag lives in Essen and works in the department of British Literature and Cultural Studies at Dortmund University.