Ship Of Ara

Since it’s a different musical language, you have to acquire some chops!

Just saying you’re a composer and a musician and producing a violin and a piece of paper doesn’t count for anything in that world of banjo pickers and fiddlers.”

Henry Flynt

Music Exchange

LP 6023

This album was recorded by Ship of Ara.

Groucho Kangaroo:
vocals, acoustic guitar, electric slide guitar, darabuka

Stefan Schlensag:
vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, banjo, accordion, harmonica

Love to our friends


Links to the friends of Ship of Ara.

Michael Dilly: Artist and musician.
Stefan’s longtime friend:

Mario Weissenfels: “Haus des Mittelmaß”.
Good friend of Groucho and Stefan:

Wildwood Studios: Recording studio in Düsseldorf.
The Ara’s favourite place of recording:

Lollipop Shop: Home of the first CD by Ship of Ara.
Lollipop Shop offers some of the finest psychedelic sounds with a focus on Eastern Europe:

Ugly Things: Magazine.
Great magazine for all music lovers:

The Cakekitchen: Graeme Jefferies, Musician.
Good friend of Groucho:

Neffin: German Rock Band.
Band of Cyprian Piskurek, Honorary member of Ship of Ara:

Sidemen: Instrumental Surf sounds.
Band of Oldrik Scholz, Honorary member of Ship of Ara:

Freeway Cash: Ruhrpott-Country.
Stefan plays accordeon, banjo and harmonica here. Roots music:

JellyFant: Record Label.
Hans Martin Gross offers a variety of great independent music here:

Ship of Ara at myspace:
Find music streams and watch some video footage here:

Roland Heinrich: Musician.
Stefan’s old friend. Plays Blues and Country:

Thorsten Sven Lietz:
Luthier – Builder of fine guitars: